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Abracadabra: Turn your Monkey Bars into a cargo space!

Monkey Bars tote Mundo EP8

Discover the Monkey Bars Tote, the little plus that will transform your daily routine!

You love the Monkey Bars for the security they provide to your beloved passengers, you also find them bulky when you have no one to carry? Here’s a solution to optimise their purpose— the Monkey Bars Tote!

An innovative and practical solution making your Yuba bike even more versatile

Monkey Bars Tote on Mundo EP8

The Monkey Bars Tote is a robust net specially designed to fit your Monkey Bars. It installs quickly and easily, instantly transforming your passenger space into a large 60L cargo area.
This accessory is designed to simplify urban cyclists’ lives by making their cargo bikes even more functional and adaptable for daily use.

“The Monkey Bars transform
into a cargo space
in just a few seconds”

Drop off your kids at school and head straight to your errands by installing your Monkey Bars Tote in seconds. No more juggling with swinging bags or worrying about them falling while you pedal—the Monkey Bars Tote secures your belongings at the back of your cargo bike without any hassle.

Stored in its compact pouch, it takes up no more space than a shopping bag and attaches directly to your Monkey Bars. Whether you’re off to run errands, enjoy a city ride, or embark on a country adventure, the Monkey Bars Tote will become an indispensable companion that follows you everywhere.

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