Everything we do at Yuba we do to help change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets and more. Yuba exists to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing, mobility solutions. We strive to create a cleaner, more equitable and inspiring new world. We want to engage our community in these endeavors even more by sharing some of our daily efforts, our tips and tricks, and our life-long values. Discover all this and more with Yuba Smart – a space to share and connect through projects based around sustainable development and, of course, cargo bikes !

Our in-house development team works daily on new solutions that will limit the use of plastics through our choice of packaging materials for our bikes and accessories. A good example of this would be our Soft Spot wrapping: a simple recycled piece of paper. As for the bikes, we use honeycomb cardboard: incredibly resistant, but less polluting and consumes less unecessary packaging – ventilated and responsible!

Yuba prioritizes railway transportation in an effort to reduce our CO2 emissions throughout the chain of production. Our bikes take a long train ride before they arrive at your door! We make a huge effort to fabricate our prototypes in France or in Europe to cut down on unecessary back and forth shipping. Our containers are full to the brim before they leave!

Working with brands like Bosch and Shimano, we aid in efforts to recycle lithium batteries! Both Corepile memebers, you can return your used batteries to our Yuba retailers who are specially trained by Bosch and Shimano – they will know what to do with them! In choosing quality partners, we are participating in developing solutions for the future that limit the ecological impact of these technologies and empower the recycling community.

Whether it’s Yuba USA or Yuba Europe, both our offices are 100% powered by renewable energy! Being able to choose an energy provider who was alined with our values was very important to us – we don’t consume energy provided by fuel, only renewable energy.

In order to develop products that are in line with the needs of our customers, but also in line with current affairs, we are forced to find compromises between sustainability and durability. Our design team is always on the lookout for alternative materials, especially for our Add-Ons. In 2021, we experimented with Sideboards made from recycled plastic in partnership with Fab Lab located in the Drôme.

It just makes sense that we work side by side with our local partners. So many people put their trust in us when using our bikes, and that is why we put our trust in French companies to prototype our accessories: the box, the trailers, the sideboards, the towing trays, etc… promoting community exchange and reduced delays, all while creating lasting links between two complementary industries. Through these relationships we can reduce our environmental impact as well as develop our local technical networks !

Yuba Family

We work everyday with our customers, our retailers, and our partners to make Yuba a common project – a space to exchange ideas. Through events, profiles, and sorties, you will discover what our Yuba family is capable of, so come join the movement !

Through their 150 ambassadors, both sport and scientific, the Water Family educates the youngest members of our community on environmental issues with the use of sports and nature. In 2019, Yuba participated in the annual Odyssée in Chamonix where 20 high-level professionals and 100 youth shared a challenge in the heart of the mountains on how to conserve as well as consciously consume water. Through our cargo bikes, we want these youth to discover how the future of mobility is changing. That’s why participating alongside the Water family was so important to Yuba !

Cargo bikes are well known family favorites, but they are also ideal bikes to change your professional mobility. Whether longtail or front loader, possibilities are endless thanks to our large loading capacities. To make it easier for businesses to adopt a biking lifestyle, we are currently working on an exceptional cargo range that will accommodate essential functionalities of many different industries. As of today, there are so many businesses that have adapted the Yuba lifestyle: bakeries, carpenters, oranic markets, even soap makers! If we continue this trend, many professional trajectories could be converted into bike rides. For example, more than 70% of private deliveries are tecnically feasible by cargo bike!

The first and most important Yuba ambassadors are YOU! Our communties are strong webs of information. Each day that you ride with a Yuba, you come across the curious, the skeptics, and riders of tomorrow! This small daily interaction has an incredible impact on the future of our kids. Proudly riding a Yuba cargo bike means not only changing your lifestyle, but shows that it is possible to ditch the car for fun and safe daily journeys. Come join the adventure, the movement, and catch the new Yuba wave!

Safety First ! That’s the first order of business here at Yuba. We aim to protect your cargo, no matter what you’re hauling, so you can ride with peace of mind, night and day. Thanks to our wide range of acessories, you can equip your bike to fit your needs and your daily routine – school in the morning, groceries in the afternoon, and date night in the evening. Anything and everything is possible in total security. In addition, our bikes are equipped with only the best parts: hydraulic disk brakes, LED lighting, Shimano derailleur…enough to ensure comfortable and easy outings in any weather!

Our teams are our most passionate ambassadors. United under a common vision and purpose, they work each day developing Yuba products with copious amounts of creativity. Sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, they are also most of the time longtail users. Between the US and France, 50-75% of Yuba employees get around by bike for fun, for work, and for sport. A part from being a company, Yuba is a family with one common objective: transform how we move in our daily lives to offer more or our future generations.