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Take your dog everywhere with the WoofTop!

Yuba Bikes FastRack WoofTop Lake

Carrying dogs by bike has been possible for several years now, in the form of bicycle baskets or folding trailers. As part of our drive to offer a solution for all types of cargo bikes, we were keen to develop our own adapted and secure accessory for dogs. That’s why, in September 2023, we created the Wooftop, the first Yuba accessory designed for our four-legged friends.

Chloë, who works at Yuba, and her dog Tio, a female Australian Shepherd (who also models the WoofTop!) were able to test this accessory right from the start of its design. After several months of use, Chloë and Tio have completely adopted it! Read their feedback below:

  • Can you tell us a little about your lifestyle and your dog?

I live in Metz-Tessy, not far from Lake Annecy, in a wonderful environment. My work is at the top of the Col de Bluffy, 15km from home, so I use the many cycle paths in the Annecy area with my cargo bike to get to work, to train, to go out with friends and also to transport my Australian Shepherd, Tio.

  • How did you transport your dog before discovering the Wooftop?

Before I discovered the Wooftop, when she was little, I used to put her in a backpack or make her run alongside the bike over short distances. To get to work or for longer distances, I had to take my car.

  • On which Yuba do you carry Tio?

I carry Tio on a Yuba Spicy Curry and sometimes on the FastRack.

  • What are the new trips you can now make with the Wooftop?

The new trips I can make now are to work, to the lake, to get to the start of trails for walks, to Tio’s vet appointments and on all everyday trips. It really simplifies my life, saving me time on journeys where it would be difficult to park, such as downtown or near Lake Annecy, which is very touristic in summer.

  • How did you get your dog used to the WoofTop? How does your dog behave on the bike?

I started using the WoofTop when Tio was 3 months old. It was therefore relatively easy to get her used to the bike, she was immediately at ease on the WoofTop. She’s very calm, enjoys the fresh air in the mornings and trusts whoever’s riding the bike.

  • Can you tell us how much Tio weights and in which configuration(s) you use the Wooftop?

Tio weighs 19.5kg and I can carry her in both configurations of the Wooftop. She’s more comfortable in the large configuration on the Spicy Curry, as she has more space and more liberty of movement.

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Don’t wait any longer to take your dog with you on your cargo bike adventures! Have you already tried it and adopted it? Send us a message to share your experience!

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