Who we are

Benjamin Sarrazin

Ben started Yuba Bicycles out of a shipping container in Northern California putting together steel-frame, long-tail blue Yuba Mundos.  Fourteen years later, supported by a whip-smart, passionate team in the U.S. and Europe, his aspirations are still the same: To better the planet by promoting the bicycle as an efficient transportation tool.
Harald sparks


European Director
A Champion canoeist and an experienced cyclist, he worked for many years in the water sports industry. He’s now in charge of the commercial and organizational development for Yuba Europe, and goes out of his way to promote the growth of bike use everywhere as an efficient mode of transportation.
Franck Yuba


Operations & Customer Service
Understated strength ! Franck is an expert in the bike industry thanks to his extensive experience (more than 20 years!) at Scott. Technical request ? Franck is our guy. He’s the one who coordinates and makes deliveries happen, making sure every client is satisfied. An  accomplished cyclist with an adventurous mindset, Franck rides his Yuba (almost) everyday to the office – man and machine in perfect harmony!
Mael sparks


Customer service and logistics
Maël takes special care of all your orders! With the help of his music, service is always with a smile! You’ll also get the chance to meet him during cargo events all around France. Outdoor lover, Maël uses his free time to ride bikes, tour in the mountains and educate people – a certified mountain guide.


Marketing Assistant
Louise plays an active role in the organization of the marketing department. Her sporting rigor and daily organization make her the ideal element to ensure that nothing is forgotten in the great Yuba whirlwind. Passionate and always smiling, she’s the one you can count on in any situation.
Céline sparks


Sales Administration
Céline spent many years with Patagonia and the outdoor industry – her main mission being customer satisfaction. Experience, industry knowledge and environmental awareness influence her dedication to our European customers. Close to nature and her children, she enjoys spending time on her Kombi E5 in our great mountains.


Customer Service and European Sales
For several years now, Chloé has been working for Yuba as an international sales administrator. A keen sportswoman and long-distance trail runner, she also listens carefully to all our retailers to ensure they receive the best service possible. With dual English nationality, Chloé is the British woman in the company… she doesn’t own a corgi but an Australian shepherd named Tio, our Happiness Manager!
Team Yuba Bikes Engineer


Engineer & Design
Originally from Noirmoutier, Simon brings a design wave to the company. With his dual role as engineer and designer, Simon manages the development of our future cargo models and is committed to developing tomorrow’s means of transport.
Team Yuba bikes marketing manager


Marketing Manager
A passionate enduro mountain biker, Thibaut rides down the marketing slope with mastery and professionalism. As marketing manager, Thibaut is committed to promoting the brand with sincerity and transparency. From photo shoots and product launches to press relations, graphic design and other marketing initiatives, Thibaut is just like FastRack, Yuba’s Swiss Army knife!


Mathieu is our numbers expert! Having joined Yuba in February 2023, he oversees the company’s finances and ensures that it remains in good financial health. Always accompanied by his green FastRack, you can’t miss him on the cycle route around Lake Annecy.


Design assistant
A keen climber, Armel is gradually working his way up the ladder at Yuba. After initial experience as a work-study student, he officially joined the company in September 2023. He brings his knowledge to the design of prototypes and participates in the various projects of the design team. (If you want to make him happy, buy him some ravioli and a bottle of olive oil!)


Happiness Manager
In October 2022 she decided Yuba was the place she wanted to start her puppy career. She brings smiles, cuddles (much needed), great marketing photos and support to the Yuba team. She is fond of long walks or runs, riding in the WoofTop or simply eating treats in the office. Her favorite afterwork activities are jumping in the lake or running after her owner’s Mountain Bike. Tio’s vision for the future is more treats, more furry friends in WoofTops and more cuddles!


Design Assistant
Florie is our team funambulist. A skilled slackliner, Florie finds her balance by contributing all her ingenious and innovative ideas to improve our collection of accessories. Her aim is to make your day-to-day life easier with ever more practical and ergonomic add-ons!


Sales administration and operations management
Since October 2023 at Yuba, Gabriel has joined the teams as a real boost to sales administration and operations management. With a wealth of professional experience behind him, he’ll be bringing all his experience and skills to the sales team. A former top-level motorbike racer, he is now passionate about mountain sports, so it’s with an eye wide open that Gabriel joins Yuba!