Who we are

Benjamin Sarrazin

Ben started Yuba Bicycles out of a shipping container in Northern California putting together steel-frame, long-tail blue Yuba Mundos.  Fourteen years later, supported by a whip-smart, passionate team in the U.S. and Europe, his aspirations are still the same: To better the planet by promoting the bicycle as an efficient transportation tool.
Harald sparks


European Director
A Champion canoeist and an experienced cyclist, he worked for many years in the water sports industry. He’s now in charge of the commercial and organizational development for Yuba Europe, and goes out of his way to promote the growth of bike use everywhere as an efficient mode of transportation. 
Franck Yuba


Operations & Customer Service
Understated strength ! Franck is an expert in the bike industry thanks to his extensive experience (more than 20 years!) at Scott. Technical request ? Franck is our guy. He’s the one who coordinates and makes deliveries happen, making sure every client is satisfied. An  accomplished cyclist with an adventurous mindset, Franck rides his Yuba (almost) everyday to the office – man and machine in perfect harmony!
Mael sparks


Customer service and logistics
Maël takes special care of all your orders! With the help of his music, service is always with a smile! You’ll also get the chance to meet him during cargo events all around France. Outdoor lover, Maël uses his free time to ride bikes, tour in the mountains and educate people – a certified mountain guide. 


Marketing Assistant
Céline sparks


Sales Administration
Céline spent many years with Patagonia and the outdoor industry – her main mission being customer satisfaction. Experience, industry knowledge and environmental awareness influence her dedication to our European customers. Close to nature and her children, she enjoys spending time on her Kombi E5 in our great mountains. 


Customer Service and European Sales
Team Yuba Bikes Engineer


Engineer & Design
Team Yuba bikes marketing manager


Marketing Manager




Design assistant