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How to secure your stuff on a cargo bike? 5 reasons to go for the Pot

Our New Add-On to Make Your Life Easier

Reason 1: A Key-Locked Storage Space

The Pot offers a simple yet efficient solution to securely store your belongings while you ride, or when you lock up your bike for a quick errand. With a 20L-capacity, it provides a safe space to store items during a stop, a swim or a running session. With the Pot, everything is stored in a box locked with a key and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Reason 2: Don’t Carry your Helmet Around

With the Pot, you can store safely your helmet while your bike is locked. No more cluttering, no more forgetting it at the restaurant!

Reason 3: Cargo Protection Against the Weather

Made with durable materials and equipped with a lid, the Pot ensures that your cargo is protected against rain, snow or whatever conditions you’re willing to ride in. Keep it dry and safe!

Reason 4: Theft Prevention

Don’t be afraid of bag snatching at the red life or when leaving your bike unattended for a minute, the Pot allows you to ride with peace of mind.

Reason 5: Versatility for Daily Use and Great for Professionals

The Pot is compatible with all longtail bikes equipped with a FrontRack or a BaseRack, as well as on the rear racks of all Yuba cargo bikes including the Supercargo and the Supercargo CL. Thanks to its clever design and features, the Pot also becomes an excellent Add-On for pros.

So grab your bike, load your Pot, and head out for a worry-less adventure! 🚴‍♂️

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