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Our Yuba Riders Are Talented!

We love hearing about how your new Yuba cargo bike has changed your daily life – making your commute easier, having fun with the kids, avoiding traffic jams or enjoying a deep breath of fresh air before going to work!

Recently, Florimond, owner of a Yuba Spicy Curry and illustrator, contacted us to share one of his creations and we loved it!

Here’s a little story about Florimond’s daily routine since he brought home his Yuba cargo bike:
“Every morning, I get on my Yuba and there are 2 or 3 kids playing behind me on the way to school and the nursery – and then it’s off to my coworking space just a little ways away.
A long tail was the best compromise between a bike for dropping off kids and a bike for going to the office. This is not a big cargo bike that encumbers me to go to work after dropping off the kids.
The spicy curry is top notch! Sturdy, quality and very pleasant to ride! I don’t feel like I have kids to pull!”

Thanks again for this illustration! You can follow all his creations on his Instagram pageĀ @florimondmochel

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