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Nicolas, the masseur riding a Spicy Curry

Masseur Lyon Spicy

Welcome to Smart interviews! This new blog series is dedicated to YOU and your Yuba! Those articles help us understand how your Yuba changed your daily life, with your family, your business, or just by replacing your car. Ain’t nothing more real than your own stories.

Time to change your daily life and take the turn toward a more sustainable lifestyle!

Your turn to speak!

Today’s blog is about Nicolas, an independent masseur in Lyon who rides his Yuba Spicy Curry daily with his massage table.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Nicolas Lévrier, I live in Lyon and I completed a “180 degree” professional retraining one year ago with the aim of becoming an idependent well-being masseur. A Lyonnais at heart, I come from the Pays de Gex in the French department : l’Ain, which is on the boarder of Geneva.

Which model do you ride?  The model I was recommended during my accompaniment : The Spicy Curry. I find it to be the perfect choice for me.

Do you use your bike for personal, professional use or both? You can develop 🙂 For both! I chose to part with my car at the start of the school year (2 months after getting the bike). Public transport is well distributed in Lyon, so with my bike I am going to try to live as best as I can without a car.

How riding a Yuba changed your daily life?  Undeniably 2 elements: always on time/even sometimes early and easy to park/ systematically a few meters away from my meeting point.

Which is your favorite add-on?  The (large) front basket!  

Where do you prefer to ride your bike?  On the long cycling paths along the quays of the Rhône river or the Saône river.  

What’s the craziest thing you’ve transported? My massage table! 🙂

What surprised you the most when you first rode a Yuba? The feeling of safety and stability despite the size of the bike.   

From your point of view, what are the benefits of riding a cargobike? Without hesitation, being able to transport equipment. Whether it’s something bulky or a simple backpack. No need to carry it on your back when riding, you can place it in the basket or hang it on the back of the bike, allowing you to pedal freely.

If we could create the Yuba of your dreams, what would it be like? No need, you have already created it with this model ;-)

Bonus question – Love story: Describe your Yuba in a few words and why you can’t get over it.  My Yuba reconciled me with my journeys throughout the beautiful city that is Lyon. My Yuba brings me more serenity and well-being on a daily basis, which is ideal for my job! 😉   

Want to know more about Nicolas ?

Website : https://www.potentiel-massages.fr/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nico_levrier/?hl=fr

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/potentielmassages

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