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Kombi E5, Story telling of the brand new Yuba Cargo


One bike, 3 ways. On your own or with your tribe, find out about the new Kombi E5 way of life. Following you anywhere, no matter your lifestyle, Yuba kombines what’s best for you : quality and good price.

“ Family morning with the Kombi E5”

Holding onto monkey bars or waving arms up in the air, the day starts with the coolest dad and his 2 smiling faces on the back. Everyday, Lola and Tom start the day in that Los Angeles park, rolling up to school – A 20min ride enjoying the sunrise and city sights in that verdant space. Chillin’ on his bike, Marc the cool dad, brings his kids to school avoiding traffic and urban craziness with his Kombi E5. Climbing on the bike on their own, kids are safe and independent thanks to the great stability of the bike, while Marc enjoys the motorisation and comfort of the Shimano motor. These cherished moments for this family are full of energy and excitement. Between large roads, Californian boulevards, small paths and the seaside, the Kombi E5 is the perfect ally in this urban suburb. Compact, strong and performant, enjoy all the advantages that this urban cargo bike brings.



“It’s a Match!”

Joy is meeting Lucas for the first time ever. As for the details for their date, they were limited to a time, a place and that she would need to bring a bike helmet! When Lucas arrives at the specified address on his Kombi E5 cargo bike, with the front bread basket full of picnic supplies, she notices one soft spot seat on the back rack and a hold-on ring behind the saddle. Joy understands that Lucas has brought the modern-day coach and horse that promises a unique adventure in downtown Los Angeles. Actually, that’s pretty cool!Riding across the city of angels under the California sun, Lucas and Joy are enjoying a very special moment together right before taking a break in a park to pop open the bubbly and make a special toast.


A romantic and unexpected first date ! Let the magic of the cargo bike happen to you. As a couple or friends or lovers, you’ll always experience that little extra something to create special moments. Sustainable spirit, healthy and smart, you’ll always find partners to share cool times together.



“Mum & Daddy cool”


Tom and Lola’s parents are still child at heart. After kids drop at school, Tom took his sweet girl on a ride to enjoy that sunny morning for a sweet lover instant. Waiting for their turn they drive their new toy, the Kombi E5 and appreciate the comfort of the Shimano assistance. They find back the pleasure of riding a bike while doing it together and share a special moment as a couple before their day at work. Julie, the mom, took her chance to finally prove that not only boys can carry heavy charges while riding with her boyfriend on the back rack. A great chill ride that helps avoiding morning stress and traffic in the big city of LA. Your Kombi E5 will become the best ally you ever had, you just have to choose the best passengers !


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