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Mini Soft Spot

The perfect one-passenger padded seat on any of our cargo bikes.

Monkey Bars

Confidently haul your most precious cargo safely inside the Adjustable Monkey Bars. Parents love this awesome Add-On for all our longtail cargo bike models because it provides peace of mind and a place for idle little hands.

Pop Top Cover

NEW: “The only longtail rain and snow cover for kids”. Fits all Yuba bikes with Adjustable Monkeys Bars.


The Ring is the designed to make it stylish and safe to carry a passenger. Mount to the top Bamboo Deck on the Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry, Boda Boda and Mundo cargo bikes.

Roots Kickstand

NEW! The Roots Double Kickstand was designed with the hopes and dreams of our riders in mind: To increase the stability and safety of takeoff and landing while loaded down with gear and/or kiddos.

Security Cable

The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba cargo bike.

Soft Spots

A comfy ride!

Yepp Maxi EasyFit

Safe, comfortable, fun! The Yepp maxi is a light and easy-to-use rear child bicycle seat that is designed to carry children from approximately 1 to 6 years of age (up to 48 lbs.). It combines the ultimate cycling stability with comfort and safety by mounting easily behind the bike seat and providing a smooth ride for your little one.